Am I Rapture Ready? The Rapture is coming. The information in this article and on this website note why we believe the Rapture teaching is biblical, and why we believe the event will happen soon.
Do You Sense Something’s Not Right? Have you ever thought that something was off or terribly wrong with the world today? Indeed, something is wrong.
The Rapture Kit Resource: A Rapture Kit is a collection of resources designed to draw people to faith, explain what the Rapture is and what has happened, and help individuals be prepared for events associated with the Tribulation.
What Believers Should Know: The Information in this section presents helps, suggestions, and spiritual truths designed to help individuals in their Christian walk…
Is the Rapture Biblical? You may be thinking, why do I need to be saved? You may be among what most would consider the very best of the best, but is it enough to get into heaven?
How to be Saved: A darkness is falling on the world and soon the seven-year Tribulation period will begin.  It will be an unprecedented time of sorrow for the entire world.
What’s Next? 10 key events Bible prophecy notes will take place in the days to come.
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Are you ready for the Rapture?