Rapture Kit

A profile of the Rapture Kit ministry

What is a Rapture Kit?

  • A Rapture Kit is a resource designed to aid believers in actively praying for and reaching out to individuals who are not yet saved. The goals are to lead individuals to Christ and provide support to individuals who delay in making that decision and are not taken by Christ in the Rapture. The giving of a Rapture Kit is an expression of care and God’s love, and a way for believers today to have a spiritual impact in the world even after they have been taken in the Rapture by Christ.
  • A Rapture Kit is a collection of resources designed to draw people to faith, explain what the Rapture is and what has happened, and help individuals be prepared for events associated with the Tribulation.
  • A Rapture Kit is a resource that will aid believers in being a witness before the Rapture, and draw individuals to faith and equip new believers for service in a post-Rapture world.

What is included in a Rapture Kit?

  • The Rapture Kit includes following: A Bible, a digital folder with more than 120 pages of important information (information on how to be saved, what has happened, what to expect, and how to prepare for what is to come), eight books (on the topics of prophecy, apologetics, the Christian Walk, and being a Watchman for the Lord), 12 video teachings  (on prophecy, how to be saved, apologetics/reasons for faith, and living out your faith), a two-part audio teaching on why and how to share your faith, an illustrated storybook for children, several spiritual tracts from World Missionary Press, and a 40-minute video presentation noting what the Rapture is, what has happened, and what to do now. These resources come preloaded on an 8 GB Flash Drive and shipped in handsome, full color packaging.

Note: Physical books and DVD’s can be purchased through the Shop page of the RaptureKit.org website

How to use a Rapture Kit before the Rapture

The Rapture Kit ministry is designed to prompt individuals to share that the return of the Lord is near and provide for those will be are left behind.  Those who order Rapture Kits are encouraged to:

  • Prayerfully discern who will receive the Kit.
  • Pray for, witness to, and spend time building relationships with unsaved individuals targeted to receive the Kit(s) you feel led to give.
  • 1) Communicate to intended recipients of the Kits that   A) a Rapture Kit is being prepared for them.   B) It is important to be spiritually prepared for the Rapture.   C) You would welcome the opportunity to talk and pray about how to be spiritually prepared for the return of Jesus.    D) If they choose not to become a believer in Christ and one day hear that millions of people across the globe suddenly vanish, the Rapture Kit will provide resources to help them find hope and navigate the difficult years to come (the Tribulation period).     Or       2) Tell the recipient of the Kit that you want them to be saved, how to be saved, and that a Rapture is coming. Tell them that you have ordered a digital resource Kit and where you are storing it for them.  Let them know that you are praying that they will never need to access the Kit, but just in case they are not spiritually prepared and the Rapture takes place,  the Rapture Kit resource will  help them understand what has happened and what is to come.

How a Rapture Kit can be used after the Rapture

  • Those who receive a Rapture Kit will find a What Has Happened? video teaching. The video explains what has happened, it impart hope, it note how the Rapture was foretold in the Bible, and it profiles what is coming and best next steps.
  • Rapture Kits include resources designed to draw individuals to faith (information for skeptics, information about who Jesus is, and information regarding how to be saved and receive grace, forgiveness and eternal life).
  • Rapture Kits include resources designed to help individuals grow in their faith, develop their spiritual gifts and move into Christian service. Resources are designed to equip individuals to become ministry leaders in the post-rapture world.
  • Rapture Kits include resources designed to help individuals understand Bible Prophecy and the key doctrines of the Christian faith.
  • Rapture Kits include resources designed to equip individuals to share their faith.
  • I Am A Watchman online resources will be maintained for as long as possible (though one should expect the enactment of laws prohibiting Christian postings soon). The primary website address is www.IAmAWatchman.com

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